Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hello and how is your day today?  Grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and lets chat for awhile.  I cleaned some this morning, did a little crocheting and visited with my daughter.  Have you ever wanted to be a magic healer and heal everyone who is hurting and sad?  I do wish I had that talent but I don't so I just say "Lord, I put this in your hands".  Ok, enough of that, this is to be a happy chat,  Thanksgiving being next week I need to get to the store and get the items I need.  I always looked so forward to that special day, the kids all came for dinner and we had our Family time.  Now, they are her, there and everywhere and have their own Families so the hubby and I just do our own thing.  By the way, did I tell you he is away on a hunting trip?  Yep, So what did I do with all my spare time?
I wish that your afternoon be a relaxing one, Stop be and chat any time you feel the need.

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Thread N Stitches said...

Janet, if I could I'd heal all the world of their problem, sickness, and disease.
Love you girlfriend.