Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Merry Christmas everyone,  take a good look at the photo, what a beautiful one it is, family all together along with singing, reading and even way back a grandmother holding a little one.  I can just sit back and relax and think of the time when I was a wee one and waiting for the jolly man to hurry and get to my house.  I remember asking my Mother if he would bring me anything because we did not have a fireplace.  Of course her answer was we need to leave the door unlocked so he could get in.  Lol, oh those wonderful days.  

I wish you peace for your Holiday season.


Friday, December 20, 2013


"The Small Jobs"

"Don't be afraid 
to give your best to
what seemingly are 
small jobs.  

Every time
 you conquer one it 
makes you that 
much stronger. 

If you do the little 
jobs well, the big ones 
will tend to take care
of themselves."

~Dale Carnegie

Friday, December 13, 2013


"To awaken each morning with
a smile brightening my face;
to greet the day with
reverence for the
opportunities it contains;
to approach my work with
a clean mind; to hold ever
before me, even in the doing
of little things, the
Ultimate Purpose toward
which I am working;
to meet men and women with
laughter on my lips and
love in my heart; to be
gentle, kind and courteous
through all the hours; to
approach the night
with a weariness that ever
woos sleep and the joy
that comes from work
well done - - this is how
I desire to waste wisely my days."

-- Thomas Dekker


Thursday, December 12, 2013


Goodness, I think Betty need to put some clothes on and put that top up as it is so cold here in not so sunny Florida today.  Nothing going on special today, making a pot of Chile and doing some crocheting on a table runner for a friend for Christmas.  I am one who can not sit still very long, I have to be doing something with my hands as I sit.  They say relax, well I am just to much of a busy bee I guess.
I hope each one of you has a wonderful and Bless Christmas this year.  With so much going on in this world that is so bad today, it is really hard to be a relaxed lady.  Wherre did all the peace go, taking time to smell the Roses, where is all of this?
Hoping you have a great day, stay warm, safe and smile, maybe you will make someones day by doing this.

One Day At A Time

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Have a happy day:@)

The Legend of the Christmas Spider
Once upon a time, long ago in Germany, there lived a poor widow and her children in a tiny cottage. The mother had no money to buy her children a lot of gifts but she so wanted them to have a tree. After putting the kids to bed she went and cut a tree down and placed it in the house and decorated it with fruits, nuts, and cookies she had made. The gentle mother then busily cleaned her house, in preparation for the most wonderful tradition of the year, the coming of the Christ Child, bringing gifts for Christmas Eve. She then fell into her bed exhausted and worried that her children would not have a happy Christmas.

Not a speck of dust was left. Even the spiders had fled their corner and gone to the attic. At last the time drew near. The tree was decorated and the children were delighted. The poor spiders however were frantic!! They could not see the tree. The oldest and wisest spider suggested they creep out of the attic and peek through a crack in the threshold. Soon, the door opened and they quickly sneaked into the room. The tree towered so high, they could only see one ornament at the top, so they scurried along each branch, admiring the glittering beauty. Every place they went, they left a train of dusty gray web, until finally the entire tree was covered with it.

When the Christ Child saw this, he was happy that the spiders had seen the tree, but, he knew the mother would be broken hearted about it's dusty gray appearance. He reached out and touched the webs and blessed them and they all turned a lovely shimmering gold and silver. On Christmas morning the family awoke to such a lovely sight and all were happy. A beautiful sight to behold, a tree glittering in tinsel. And so, it became a custom of the Christmas season to decorate their trees with tinsel and to have a spider among the other decorations on the tree

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Do you remember these things? 
Bring back some memories ??????
 Easter                                                            chicksBaby Doll                                                            pjs Remember                                                            these 1950's                                                            '60's Loved                                                            Baby Dolls so                                                            comfy on those                                                                hot summer                                                            nights.Sealtest                                                            Ice Creamcroquet...we                                                            played in our                                                            backyardHeaven                                                            Sent.Tinker                                                            Toys. -- Hours                                                            and hours of                                                            fun with                                                            these!vintage                                                            1950's Bulova.                                                            My Mom wore                                                            hers everydayBringing                                                            your   lunch to                                                               school in a                                                            brown paper                                                            bag...with it                                                            stapled at the                                                            top and my                                                            name written                                                            on it :)four leaf                                                            clover pressed                                                              in bookSugar                                                            DaddyBronzed                                                            Baby ShoesI                                                            remember                                                            these, but                                                            cherry Luden's                                                            were my                                                                favorite.Cursive                                                            writing guides                                                            above the                                                            chalkboard and                                                            pull-down                                                            maps.This is                                                            an antique                                                            music download                                                            service..                                                                place in                                                               front of                                                            speaker, wait                                                            for song, and                                                            hope that                                                            everyone can                                                            be quiet for 4                                                            and a half                                                            minutesChicks of                                                            various                                                                colors. We                                                            called them Methiolate.                                                            for boo boo'sI                                                            remember these                                                            trendy                                                            aluminum                                                            drinking                                                            glasses. Could                                                            never decide                                                                which color to                                                            choose!Spent                                                            hours making                                                            these.Bank                                                            BooksDid these                                                            come in                                                            laundry   soap                                                              boxes or                                                               from a gas                                                            station when                                                            you filled up                                                            w/ gas? We had                                                            a set of                                                            them!I was                                                            allowed to                                                            stay up until                                                            the end of Ed                                                                Sullivan to                                                            watch Topo                                                            Gigio :)                                                            vintage topo                                                            gigio vinyl                                                            toy ('60s?                                                            '70s?)Remember                                                            the fruit                                                            flavored wax                                                            coke                                                                 bottles!White                                                            baby shoes                                                            with the                                                            bellsThis is                                                            the way we dry                                                            our hair, dry                                                            our hair, dry                                                            our hair . .                                                            .All my                                                            elementary                                                            school papers                                                            were printed                                                            on a                                                               mimeograph...I                                                            can still                                                            smell the                                                            purple ink :)Kids say                                                                the darndest                                                            things....Remember                                                            using this?An old                                                            Outhouse at                                                            the abandoned                                                            Homeplace of                                                            Michael                                                            Crowell near                                                                 Halls   Mill in                                                            Bedford                                                            County,                                                            Tennessee.                                                            Collecting                                                            photos of                                                            Middle                                                            Tennessee                                                            Outhouses                                                            seems somewhat                                                            strange, but                                                            due to the                                                            fact that                                                                these                                                            Tennessee                                                            treasures are                                                            fast                                                            disappearing                                                            from the                                                            Tennessee                                                            landscape                                                            makes it all                                                            the more                                                            necessary to                                                            photograph                                                              them.   Those                                                               Outhouses                                                            which have not                                                            been destroyed                                                            or removed by                                                            human hands                                                            and urban                                                            development                                                            are fast                                                            decaying from                                                            the elements                                                            of time. It is                                                              to our   native                                                            T...Black and                                                            White Saddle                                                            ShoesTransistor                                                            RadioFloor                                                            Model vintage                                                            radioDear                                                            Diary ...General                                                            Store Paper                                                            Cutter,                                                            EveryeskimoReinforcement                                                            rings...because                                                            your notebook                                                                paper   holes                                                            would tear and                                                            these would                                                            mend them...We had                                                            these Wooly                                                            Willy magnetic                                                            toys in the                                                            1960's when we                                                            were kids ...Formica                                                            table, vinyl                                                            chairs. I                                                            would love to                                                            have one nowLibrary                                                            cardsmascara-add                                                            waterThis is                                                                how ears were                                                            pierced back                                                            in the                                                            day!....with a                                                            needle after                                                            freezing your                                                            ear with ice.1970's                                                            rotary dial                                                            phonenoxzemaDoing the                                                            Bunny Hop!The odd                                                            positions we                                                            would lay in                                                            on the floor                                                            when talking                                                            on the phone.Woolworth                                                                & Kreske's                                                            soda fountains                                                            ... our                                                            favorite treat                                                               of the                                                            monthShoeless                                                            Teenage                                                            Couples                                                            Dancing in HS                                                            Gym During a                                                            Sock   HopKnow what                                                            these are?                                                            Think                                                            music.....                                                            Yep, you put                                                            them in the                                                            middle of 45s                                                            (small                                                            records) to                                                            make them fit                                                            on the stem of                                                                the record                                                            player.stockings                                                            in a boxGas                                                            Stations used                                                            to be called                                                            service                                                            stations ...                                                            they would                                                            rush to   your                                                              car, check the                                                            water and oil,                                                            put air in                                                            your tires,                                                            wash your                                                            windows, and                                                            pump your                                                            gas.glass                                                            fuses~ used                                                            before current                                                                circuit                                                            breakersdagwood.chenille                                                            bath robes Good old                                                              times   -                                                            REMEMBER !!pant                                                            stretchers.....helped                                                            reduce ironing                                                            & make the                                                            front pleat.Ricky                                                            NelsonRemember                                                              ever having                                                              to do                                                            this????Interior                                                            of one room                                                            schoolhouseRed                                                            Skelton eclectic                                                            spellingHomemade                                                            ice    cream                                                            ....waiting to                                                            lick the                                                            dasher!Seamed                                                            stockingsDick   and                                                            JaneA very                                                            elegant,                                                            frill-free box                                                            of vintage                                                            Crayola                                                            crayons.                                                            #Crayola                                                            #crayons                                                              #vintage                                                            #stationery                                                              #office                                                               #school                                                            #supplies#vintage.                                                            #turquoise                                                            #aqua #camera 1940 real                                                              silver                                                            tinselled                                                              christmas                                                            tree!                                                            Stunning!...and                                                            then you would                                                            save    the                                                            eggWringer                                                              Washing                                                            MachineMilk ManJacks                                                            Game:                                                            Multicolored                                                            metal jacks                                                            and a red                                                            rubber                                                            ball...window                                                            tray at the                                                            drive-indiaper                                                            pinswaterproof                                                            pants which                                                            were referred                                                            to as pic up                                                              stixsElementary                                                            School GlueRoller                                                            Skating at the                                                            Roller Rink on                                                            Saturday                                                            afternoons.Drive-in                                                            theaterson mom's                                                              dresserAluminum                                                            Christmas                                                            treePincurls                                                            with bobbie                                                            pinsCap   gun,                                                            roll caps*pinball                                                            machinesI had a                                                            pet turtle!!rusty gas                                                                 pump...Library                                                              card catalogs
dancing                                                            cigarette pack                                                            ads