Tuesday, December 10, 2013


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The Legend of the Christmas Spider
Once upon a time, long ago in Germany, there lived a poor widow and her children in a tiny cottage. The mother had no money to buy her children a lot of gifts but she so wanted them to have a tree. After putting the kids to bed she went and cut a tree down and placed it in the house and decorated it with fruits, nuts, and cookies she had made. The gentle mother then busily cleaned her house, in preparation for the most wonderful tradition of the year, the coming of the Christ Child, bringing gifts for Christmas Eve. She then fell into her bed exhausted and worried that her children would not have a happy Christmas.

Not a speck of dust was left. Even the spiders had fled their corner and gone to the attic. At last the time drew near. The tree was decorated and the children were delighted. The poor spiders however were frantic!! They could not see the tree. The oldest and wisest spider suggested they creep out of the attic and peek through a crack in the threshold. Soon, the door opened and they quickly sneaked into the room. The tree towered so high, they could only see one ornament at the top, so they scurried along each branch, admiring the glittering beauty. Every place they went, they left a train of dusty gray web, until finally the entire tree was covered with it.

When the Christ Child saw this, he was happy that the spiders had seen the tree, but, he knew the mother would be broken hearted about it's dusty gray appearance. He reached out and touched the webs and blessed them and they all turned a lovely shimmering gold and silver. On Christmas morning the family awoke to such a lovely sight and all were happy. A beautiful sight to behold, a tree glittering in tinsel. And so, it became a custom of the Christmas season to decorate their trees with tinsel and to have a spider among the other decorations on the tree

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