Thursday, February 21, 2013


You say, where the heck have you been?  Well, just here and there and just being lazy I guess from keeping up with my blog.  Florida is getting alot of rain and a colder winter then last year.  I sure miss the snow as to me it is so beautiful falling from the sky. 
It is beginning to look alot like springtime as the trees and flowers are blooming but the cold snap comming in , it will probably kill off the buds.  My grandpa use to tell me until after Easter you can expect to get frost on the lawn.  I always wanted to go bare foot but was not allowed to until May 1st.  Now why was that I wonder. 
I hope you enjoy your afternoon and check back again as I will be posting more often.

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Vikki Hooks said...

Hi Barb..I hope you are enjoying Florida as we have an icy rain mix here!! Although today it will all be melted. Have a great weekend