Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hello and how are you doing today?  We had some rain this morning but now the sun is out and a beautiful day here in sunny Florida.  Today has been a day that I have thought back to my childhood days.  I think about the children today and goodness are they ever lazy.  I just sit back and say to myself, you should have had my Mom, now that was a strick woman.  I use to think how terrible she was but then when I became a Mother myself I think, I deserved every thing I got as for as punishments go.  I wish I had her so I could tell her how much I appreciate all those licks I got. 
Now this is a very old picture.  I was leaving the 8th grade and moving on to high school.  I though I was the queen that day.  One thing I can say, thank goodness for my Mom and her being so stricked on education as later on all I wanted to do was quit school.  No way she said, you will get your education as that is something I can give you that no one can ever take away.  So here I am alot of years later and I said that to my children as well.  Back then we learned something in school, today well lets just say  they would rather party instead of learn.  Thank you Lord for the good ole days.

I hope your day is good and maybe you also can think back to some of your good old days.


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