Sunday, April 13, 2014


What a beautiful Sunday here in sunny Florida.  The birds are all out singing their songs and enjoying the day as well.  I noticed yesterday I have a Hummingbird comming around so I got out the feeder and made them some sugar water.  There is so many flowers in bloom as well as the trees adding all their green leaves.  Spring is such a beauty.

I wish you coiuld ride over and share your day with me.  I need to be doing some work but decided to take the day off and just sit back and relax.  I am showing my daughter  some old photos and oh the memories that come floating back.  I have several time thought about my childhood and the fun times I had growing up.  Would I go back to that time you say, Yes I sure would as I had a care free world at that time.  We want to grow up so fast, once we get there, we wish we could go back.  Are we ever pleased?  Anyway, one day at a time.

I need to get off and start lunch as the hubby says he is about ready to eat.  So until next time, enjoy your day, give someone a smile and maybe that will make their day.,

Hugs to you


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am here! Finally! Lots of company this week and more at the end of the week with my own daughter coming from San Francisco.
How are you?!! :) I hope things are going well. You sound good in your post if a wee meloncholy. Did I spell that right?
I do that more and more the older I get. Look back over the years with longing at those carefree days as a little girl. I had a magical childhood thanks to my parents.
California is heating up once again..and I suspect this might just be the end of any chance for cooler weather. I admit that I dread the hot,hot, summers of California. Especially for my flowers. Is Florida getting warmer weather too?

Our sprinkler system is
that has to be fixed.
Your flowers are just beautiful! Mine are doing alright..but some are already burned out...and have to be dead headed. I have been very slow in watering and caring for them since I've been ill.
I am now on the rebound, thank heavens.
I know, I know. I should be putting all of this in a long letter to you..but I am combining. :) I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep. Way too much activity and now Easter is upon us.
What are you doing for Easter? Any plans? I hope your daughter is progressing. She has really been through a terrible time.

Sometimes posting is a chore for me and it has been just that lately. I simply have very little to post about.
Sending you a warm hug..and wishes for a lovely week ahead.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

p.s. I would LOVE to have a cup of tea with you! That is one of my wishes..just to sit and chat about our and downs while we watch the humming birds and listen to bird song. :)

Crafy Lady said...

Dear Mona, I think we could be two poeas in a pod with our ups and downs. lol It is getting warm here in sunny florida. After Easter it will really get to be the hoit florida that it is. Thank goodness for the AC.
It is raining here right now so a lazy day.
Have a nice one

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

It's raining here right now too! It's so unexpected! Our heat will be here soon enough and I've a feeling it's not going to be fun this summer! Not only that..our sprinkler system is down!
I hope your Easter was nice. I think of you and hope things are not stressing you out..
Big hugs..I have to find your email address as I am afraid you won't get my messages here.
I haven't been posting much...except for the past couple of days!
I will write soon. Lots to tell you.