Saturday, July 26, 2014


Ok, I just want to say oh me, oh my.  I feel just like giving up but then I hear my Dear sweet Mother say, Honey, don't ever give up.  Try Try again.  so I will tackle this another day.

What am I talking about you wonder?  well, it is getting my pictures to post from "MY PICTURES" and not the Piscas album.  Yep, I tried the Google way but to no luck.  I wanna cry.

Another Hot day here in my part of Florida.  Where is Fall, I am so waiting for it to appear.  Again I tell you, I am not a summertime gal.  I like it cold as I love to snuggle under my blankie and read.  Just give me a quiet corner, my blankie and book and I am all good.  I do have to tell you what I told the hubby and my daughter the other day,I said now remember, when I die don't forget my blankie, my crochet thread and needle so I will have something to do down there.  How funny is that stupid thinking right? LOL

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hopefully I will figure this picture stuff out one way or another.



Thread N Stitches said...

Barbara, don't you mean up there?
I know what you meant, but just had to kid you a bit.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am just so sorry that my idea didn't work. If you are on AOL they have someone there to help you. You can always go to "help" and they will do something. Or should.
Forgive me if my earlier letter was not the things to say. I just worry that you worry so much. We cannot really, at this late date, take too much stress..and you sound just so down. Were I there I would just drag you out with me. :)
I do hope you can find someone to help. Diane is no long around. She shut down her blog...with a bamg!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Barbara..I am hoping you called your provider..or blogger..Blogger has a help thingy. I'm sure.f Please try. In the meantime..write.
Tell us about your life.
My latest post has just one picture on it. People love to read good stories.
All the novels we read and how many have pictures.
This is such a good place to it and they will come!
Big hugs...wish I were there to help you. I am going to miss Diane. However...if you have her email address...for a donation she will help you I bet.
You probably don't have any more money than I do. But I can see it's driving you a bit why not keep right on trying as your sweet Mom would tell you.
You are loved, my dear.
Who is your server? I send Diane my blog password and she goes in and fixes things for me.
I know you do not know her as well as I do..and she can be a bit abrupt but she has a heart of gold, Barbara.
I will ask her..but I know my problem was my server which was AOL. I still cannot download pictures from AOL. I use Google and when I am all done downloading I hop right back over to AOL and do my wriiing and posting to my blog.
I hope I am not makng it worse for you!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I think you should ask around for help, too. I do my posts a little different so I don't know what you could do. But there are always those in blogland that will help you. You can always google your problem and look at the info in the forums, too. I hope you have a good week my friend! Stay cool...stay inside! heehee! Hugs, Diane