Saturday, September 8, 2012


Morning, hope this find you well and safe as for me, well, can I say I need a HUBBY break.  Before this day is over I might just strangle him.  Men being sick is something else.  Oh well, Fall is in the air this morning.  They say we will drop into the 40's tonight, yip-eeeeeee. Yep, I love the cold nights and days.

Yesterday I cleaned my carpets.  Sure missed my sister-in-law as hubby got this at a yard sale, so I wanted it cleaned before I used it.  In case you are wondering where I am, well I WAS ON VACATION, he heeee so Bon did it for me.
and they say I am off in my ole age, get real, I am no dummy.  By the way, she did a great job, Thanks my sweet sister-in-law.
Enjoy you day everyone, I plan on doing the same.

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