Thursday, March 7, 2013


Have you ever heard that saying, to pooped to pop?  When I was younger I remember hearing my mom say that.  Now I wonder why she did that, never figured it out.  LOL.  Today was a Mother/Daughter day and I could tell my daughter needed it for sure.  We had lunch and did the usual chit chat thing.
Tomorrow will be a busy day as well as plan on doing a big cleaning.  Then, Saturday hopefully, will shampoo my carpet.  Wait, did I say I was ready for the weekend?  Wonder where my mind was when I posted that. 
Oh well, whatever.  I started a tablecloth yesterday so will be busy crocheting on that for awhile along with another Afghan.  Here is one I just finished
It turned out to be a large one.  Something to keep the ole hands busy.  Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend and catch ya later.

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