Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Oh how true it is, my Friends get me through so many times when I feel like just giving up.  Have I ever told you that the hardest job I have ever had is being a Mother.  Alot of good but also alot of sadness.  I am just kind of so down today as spent the day with my daughter and it breakis my heart that I can't do anything to help her sadness.  I can only be there to give her the shoulder to lean on.
Really a Hot one today here in sunny Florida.  I keep looking for Fall around the corner but just can't  seam to find him.  Hopefully one day soon it will be here.  I am a winter time gal for sure, you ask, what do you like, well
even though it say Merry Christmas, you see that snowman, yep, I love SNOW.
Ok, enough of my silly stuff, wishing you a nice afternoon and evening.

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