Saturday, September 14, 2013


Oh no, did I just post this, I can not believe that I do some of the nuttest things at times.  Nope, I want tell on myself.  I will just say Old Age is to blame.

Hubby and I took Mickey our doggie for a long ride today in the Golf Cart.  He loves to go and when he is ready he actually tried to talk to us.  Such a funny loving lil guy.  Take a look
Guess we will take him again and maybe I can get some pictures of Fall sneaking in.  I am so ready for the nice cooler days and nights.  I am putting my order in this year for that white suff  SNOW
Until later
See Ya


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

That is just SO cute. Mele had discovered that she can train me to do certain things by standing up and patting my leg..and if I don't respond she WHAPS me one!
Our little dogs are just such a joy.
A Golf cart! We used to use one when managed some apartments many years ago. They are really a lot of fun.
I guess we never figured out how to remove that "prove you're not a robot" thing! :):) Most all of the bloggers have gotten it taken off...I need to go try and remember how I got mine off.
Hugs..take good care and have a lovely Sunday!

Crafy Lady said...

Thanks Mona, you have a nice Sunday also.