Monday, August 18, 2014


Hello, well, it would not work, the photos I mean.  I can get some from the Picasa ablum but not really the ones I want to use.  At one point my brain could figure it out but today I think it is the size of a pea.  So, what to do, what to do?

yep, maybe I will take a ride into the country today and see how the cotton patch is comming along.  When the fields get all bloomed out , it looks like a blanket of snow.  Maybe I will even take a picture for ya.  Oh wait, did I say Picture?  Can I get it to post, oh well. time will tell.
Today is laundry day and since I have the modern things to do this I was wondering who might remember using this washing machine?  I sure do, wait, I can';t tell you my age?  wink-wink
Those were the good ole days and if we could live like back in those days it would be a wonderful world to me.  I miss the good ole days, I read alot of the Amish books and their life is so peacefull, calm, and they live   a very different life for sure.

I hope you have a good day, take the time to sit back and enjoy all of the good things in your life.



butterflycrochet said...

I don't remember using one of those washing machines but I do remember watching Mama and my grandmother use them. Even after they got a more modern machine, I remember seeing the one like this on the screened in back porch at my grands.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well,heck, you best not tell your age because then you will be telling mine. I owned one of those and used to push it across the kitchen up tothe sink and fill it and do the washing. Then when everything was all washed...pump all the water out..add more fresh water and rinse with sta-puf. :) Then out to the clothes line with my bag of clothes pins and hang it all. Take it all down..and fold diapers until I was blue in the face! OH yes..I remember it well..
We won't go into all the ironing I did.
:) the mounds and mounds of folding..starching..sprinkling ..ARRGGGGGGG *faints dead away*