Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Do you remember these, going to the drive inn and listening to your movie with this hanging in your window.  I use to think now if it only put out heat in the winter and air in the summer this thing would be great.  But, we put up with the bugs, heat an cold as this was the THING back in the good ole days.  Today, I don't think they have drive inns anymore.  Don't want to say they are gone and a thing of the past as there just might be one somewhere.  Oh the Memories.
I wish you a great day, sit back and think of all the wonderful memories that once was a part of your life.

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vikki said...

ha! Ha! we went to drive ins when I was a for like 4 were 5 of us kids and mom and crowded was that and then the speaker wasn't loud enough and so freaking fogging up so bad..