Monday, April 16, 2012


Monday, again, my how these Mondays roll around often. Come and sit awhile and lets chat about our day. Rather warm today, windy but still hot. This is Florida for sure. I bet it will be a long hot summer this year with the winter being mild for us.
Today I am so sad as my great grandson Landyn is not doing well at all. He just had open heart surgery 2 weeks ago and now the Doctors said they did not do something they should have so again, this little guy has to go through this again. They are saying about 4 more weeks and will have to reopen him. He is a little fighter but I know he is getting really tired of all this going on to him. I just want him well, happy and pain free. Just look at this lil handsome guy. I light a candle for God to Bless him and make him well soon.
You have a wonderful God Bless day.

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vikki said...

Sorry to hear about your grandson. I know how hard this is on the entire family..we have been there. I only wish for the best outcome possible. Our little guy had his chest opened too many times for his short time here. So I will pray for him and the entire family as it is a painful walk. Prayers..