Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Hello, thought I would start another Doily the other day.  Been sick for the past 3 days and can't crochet any on it as my eyes are so full of a  blurr vision and ya gotta see to crochet.  Lol.  Can ya tell I am from the south?  It is called Peach Blossom and very pretty when done.  Of course I will show ya when I finish.

Looks like we might get some afternoon rain as very dark out right now.  Goodness, we could sure use some afternoon showers as things are so dry.  Have a few items planted in the garden so need that free water for sure.   I have a bad sinus infection and like I said, my vision is bad and eyes are so swollen and red. I was told life begins at 40 but wasn't told what type of life.  Lol, getting older sure has it ways.

You have a great afternoon and I wish you well and have a safe and fun Holiday.

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