Friday, June 8, 2012


What a joy my grandchildren are.I wanted to share this with you.  I saw it on a site the other day as I was looking around

Granny's Favorite Recipe

1 coddled grandchild of either gender
1 proud grandmother, soft-boiled and tender
1 well -beaten fairy- tale book
1 stuffed teddy bear with a faraway look
1 washed, dried blanket, satin bordered with rips
1 freshly baked cookie with chocolate chips

Toss all except Granny straight up in the air
Drop into squeaking, rocking arm chair
Fold in Grandmother's outstretched arms
Tuck teddy and blanket around small child's charms
Open fairy-tale book to very first page
Begin by saying, "Now when I was your age..."
Mix stories of bunnies, bears, piggies and soup
Repeat bedtime stories until child's eyelids droop.
When the cookie has crumbled and child starts to yawn
Place child, teddy, and blanket in warm bed until dawn.
2 happy people

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