Monday, September 22, 2014


Can you believe that Fall is here?  I do think it is my favorite time of year.  Getting ready for the Holidays is always so much fun.  I am thinking soon I will do my fruit cake and fruit cake cookies as I seem to wait to the very last minute.  

Hubby and I went for a ride and as you can see the Cotton is all bloomeed out.  Sometimes when it is alot more of the cotton it will look like a blanket os snow.  This is one sign that ole man winter isn't to for behind.

My mind just want work today so I will be back when I can think more of what to share with you.

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Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Cotton? Whoa! How great is that. We have cotton out here in California..lots of it but I never get to see it. You ARE not the only one that has trouble thinking clearly and wondering what to write about. I think most of us blogger do. We just never think to say so!
Good for you! Show us what you are working on right now. Take little photo's of things around the house..think of something neat that happened a long time when you met your husband..or what you would like to do to your home some day..or you can complain of the state of the union..wait..don't do that! Then you would have someone all over your behind about it! LOL
Much love to your my friend. It was nice to see your came to visit me even after I was gone for so long! Big hugs..take good care of you!!