Friday, August 30, 2013

Afternoon my dear friends and Family, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and sit for a spell.  I hope you are well and enjoying your day so for.  It is rather warm here in sunny Florida today.  I keep telling myself just hold on as Fall is just around the corner.  It delights me so when I began to see all the tree leaves getting there colors as I know soon after that Jack Frost will be visiting.  Fall and Winter are my favorite time  of the year.  Summertime and  I just don't get along very well.
Today I am crocheting on another Doily.  Getting my supply up for , lets see what Holiday is it, oh yes CHRISTMAS.  I enjoy giving something I have made just like I like to receive as it mean so much more when it is made with time and love.

I hope you have a nice afternoon and evening and a wonderful Labor Day .  Be safe my sweet friends and family.



Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Good morning, dear friend! I was so happy to hear from you, and yes, I am thinking about blogging again..but not just yet.
I will think I want to, I sit down, then stand up again and go do something else. I guess sometimes blogging can become difficult. I wonder if they call it "Bloggers Block".. :):)
One of the things that is bothering me is I want to WRITE more than take pictures. Folks want to get recipes, learn to paint in some new way, get decoration idea's etc. etc. I want to "chat"...tell stories..let my mind wander.
Since I am NOT a SUPER blog like some of my friends in blogland are, I am just visiting their blogs and enjoying that instead of writing my own. :) You know?

Idea's pop into my head, but by the time I sit down to write, I have lost the urge to do it.
Lazy? :) Probably!
Big hugs to you! And thank SO much for missing me!

Crafy Lady said...

Mona, I am so happy you decided to chat with me. I missed your sweet words. I am not a great blogger just try to do a little, What happened to youor nice music you had on your blog? Have a great day.
Hugs your way,