Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Friends, what a wonderful world when you have special Friends who alway make you feel so special.  Sometime I left myself get into my own lil world and forget about you my friends but I don't mean be that way.  Once I pick up the crochet hook there I go, just me, my hook and I.  My stress relief for sure.

check this out
From Women's Day:What you can do with toothpaste.

1.Soothe a bug bite. Apply a pea size dollop of minty toothpaste to the spot.
2.Freshen you finger and it eliminates garlic smell.
3.Nix crayon stains on walls.
4.Display artwork - dab of toothpaste to each  corner and position - take gently take it down - wash away.
5.Polish jewelry.

I use it to clean my tennis shoes and I have heard some people use it as putty for nail holes!

You have a wonderful Wednesday


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Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Toothpaste is wonderful! I do use it to plug nailholes..but I also use white hand soap. The photo's you saw in my post are those I found in a lovely book I bought.
It isn't my home.. :)