Friday, August 9, 2013


Morning, I finally got the Pineapple Doily finished and now what to do next?  With Christmas just around the corner I figure I will make my list and then check it twice to see what I want to give to friends.  If some knew the time it took to make a piece of crochet they would for sure cherish it forever.  I once made a king size Quilt for my son, went over one day to see the puppies there dog had and low and behold, the quilt was on the floor and she had given birth to her pups on the  long, hard work not counting the expence  QUILT.,  Well I will never again make them anything.  The daughter in law says, " well you can wash it."  Oh my sweet Jesus.
Here is a picture of the Doily I just finished.
Wishing you a happy fun and safe weekend from sunny and hot Florida.


Vikki Hooks said...

I have a doughter that doesn't seem to take care of anything I make her. So I stopped making her gifts as it broke my heart to see the stuff not being taken care of..your doily is very pretty I like the white and purple..

Crafy Lady said...

Thasnk you so much Vivki

Thread N Stitches said...

I love what you did with this pattern. It just pops.

Crafy Lady said...

Thank you Katheryn