Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I decided to stop at this yard sale the other day and Bingo, I hit the jack pot,  that is I think I did.  I got a porcerlin doll which is very old  and I so love Dolls. Here it is, what do ya think of her
Kinda hard to see her on the bed.  I also have a Doll that my froend Katheryn made for me, I call her Katie,
So, my lil baby doll has a playmate.

Raining here so have to get off this computer as lightening really bad.  Have a wonderful Tuesday.



Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi again. Ok..what I was trying to say is that at the bottom of your posts is a "prove you're not a robot thing where folks have to try and copy the word. Often it takes time and you can make a mistake over and over. You have to go into your settings and scroll down to where is asks if you want this feature. You click NO.
I have not been there for some time..but some bloggers don't know about it and it loses them a lot of comments.
I am hoping you can figure it out.

The dolls. :) WELL, I am a doll lover myself and have about five in just the living room...and yes..any old doll is a nice find. She is just so sweet. Good for you. My oldest is an Madame Alexander doll I found at Goodwill some years ago. Her name is Cupcake and she is wonderful!
Not sure what your doll's brand is..but she is certainly a sweet little baby doll.
I hope you can figure out how to remove the "prove you are not a robot" thing. :)

Crafy Lady said...

Thanks Mona for your help, I look at your Blog every day and love it so much. You are surely a great blogger.

Crafy Lady said...

Help, I went into the settings, down to the bottom but I see nothing that give me the option to change the subject we are speaking of. My email addy is barbarad@aol.com. Would love to share email sometimes.