Saturday, March 22, 2014


Hello my Dear friends and family, my mind has been running with thoughts this beautiful day  as to just how old I am getting.  Now this is so scarey, do you ever wonder about your lifespan?  I think of my Children and I know they are grown but the thought still wears on me.  I tell myself, the good Lord has the number of hair on my head counted so why worry, right?

It is such a pretty day out.  The flowers are in bloom and look so pretty as you walk out.

Our Bradford Peasr trees are snow white with all the blooms.  I did manage to get myself a Rose Bush
This is called the Knock-Out Rose.  I like them alot better as they seem to not need as much care.  By the way, I do not have a GREEN thumb.  Lol

I often think of the little Red school house that I went to when I was a younger thing.  The many memories and thoughts of those days.  As you can see my mind is traveling all over today.  I must been in another world.  Lol

Wishing everyone a nice  Spring day whereever you are.  Always remember to smile and live your life free of worries, ok.


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Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh MY! I nearly missed this post and it's wonderful! Did I tell you I just bought two rose bushes? I bought them from Heirloom Roses and I have had such luck with their roses..and have been wanting an Irish Hope rose for ages, It is a very pale yellow..with many petals..very Victorian looking, which I of course love!
No blooms on our tree's yet, except the peach tree. How I hope they don't get infected with the "white fly" that has caused so much damage to our orange orchards here in our Green Belt that runs through our town..
I must write you in regard to your comment on yesterday's post about daughters...(and son's in some instances) and their expectations.
As for me, I am getting very tired of the drama! You know?
Big hugs!