Saturday, March 15, 2014


Afternoon everyone, did I say sunny Florida?  Well, it is now raining so not so sunny after all.  I decided I needed to sit down and write some and hopefully relieve some of my stress.  Yep, I have that thing also called stress.  When you get to be older all sorts of things run through your mind and wear you down.  Ok now, you are here to smile, not be sad, right?

I decided to do just what my sign says today.

when the hubby and I were looking around in a antique shop one day I saw this plaque and I just had to have it.  I have had more fun with this, when he sees this on the table he decided it is time to go outside for awhile. Since we are retired we do need, or I should say I do, some space at times.  You ever get like this?

We were out riding on the golf cart the other day and I could see the beautiful trees beginning to show signs of Spring,   We have a couple who live around the corner and they have a mobile church, now some do not like this but I make no commets on this as to each his own I say,

I wanted to show you a picture but I have lost the way on how to post my pics.  So, until I learn what is going on with this puter of mine I will say see ya later,


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