Saturday, March 1, 2014


Hello to my wonderful Friends and Family,
I do think Spring is here, the flowers are in bloom and I do not think the cold spell did not hurt them at all.
I need to get in my golf cart and ride around and take pictures of all the beautiful trees and flowers.

I just wanted to check in as it has been awhile but have company comming over so I must say catch ya later and you have a wonderful afternoon.



Vikki Hooks said...

I am still waiting for spring up here in Southern today, snow tomorrow...

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh how lucky we really are that we can look out and see flowers blooming in our yard and sit on our front porches..others are not having it so easy and dream of Springtime.

So..HI THERE! :) I'm back in the saddle again. Every now and then when I run out of idea's, I think of giving up blogging..but of course I never do. Posting has become much easier. I used to do posts with just writing but I it's easier when you have photo's to talk about. I've just never been a photographer.
Your blog is so pretty to visit, Barbara. Your flowers are beautiful. Mine got a bit beaten down with the rain..but hopefully they will dry out and spring back.
:) A little play on words there.
And your son was so right. A perfect quote. It is definitely what you make of it least to some degree. It's getting past the bumps that is the challenge.