Thursday, November 14, 2013


Oh my goodness, do you remember playing this game?  Yesterday I have a friend that I went to school with and we sit and talked about all the games we use to play at school.  Do you think the Children today do this? I assure you I would say NO.   If they only knew the fun that we had back when we were younger, I remember at Christmas I got some fruit, and 1 thing that Santa would bring and hopefully a few packages that was wrapped from my parrents, which by the way was usually homemade and I loved it.  What a wonderful time this was.  Would I go back to these days you say, you bet I would.

Today, the kids don't get small items but they ask for the big bucks items and yes, they usually get it.  Not your nickle and dime items but the big $$$$$$$ items and the sad thing is the parents go into debt usually to please these kids today.  How sad.  I have to say sometimes I was quilty of this as well but I did believe in the magic of Christmas.

By the way, only 40 days left until the Magical day arrives.  But, lets not forget Thanksgiving and to be thankful for all the Lord has given us , good foods, friends, and most of all, Life.  You have a wonderful day my friends and thanks for stopping in today.



Thread N Stitches said...

I remember Barbara, and I have a walk at the front and back of my home. I bought my two grands some colored chalk for Christmas last year, and they enjoyed drawing on the walk. I went out one day, and their mom had drawn a hop scotch on the walk and had showed them how it worked. They had so much fun. I remember as a kid we did that, also remember walking on oil cans we stepped on and they hung to our shoes. That was so much fun. Stilts, my dad built us a set, and we walked on them Those good O'days are gone, but the memories are wonderful.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

The DO still play that game. The little 8 year old across the street loves drawing it on the sidewalk and plays all by her self. :) She says they have it at school. I think that's wonderful. Some things are timeless.
You didn't say if you liked those cushions or not? If you don't..that's ok. I don't like everything either...LOL NOT by a long shot. Too bright do you think? And yes, it does take all kinds I suppose. You are the sort I love to be around in my life.
Now and then we find someone that just seems to fit. :)